It’s Not Just About The Bugs . . . It’s About Us.


Welcome to the INSECT NEWS NETWORK where we take you into the world of insects beyond the creepy and the crawly, to the fun, the fascinating, the profound, and even the sublime . . . IMAGINE THAT!

It’s not just about the bugs – It’s about us.

The I.N.N. Mission Statement

To produce and promote lectures, books, event, radio, video and multimedia edutainment content that inspires people everywhere to care for the natural world, by expressing their thoughts and feelings about the microcosm through the lens of Cultural Entomology.

To educate, inspire and empower 1 million people worldwide to “stop and think before they squash and swat” and to agree to eliminate toxic pesticide chemicals from their households.

To create a global platform to unite Entophiles from all walks of life, focusing their intellectual and political capacity to address climate change and the way humans co-exist with insects, spiders and other arthropods.


Through original written, audio, video and online multi-media, as well as user generated content and field research, The I.N.N. will take the audience on a journey into the world of Cultural Entomology, an emerging interdisciplinary filed that blends the Sciences and the Humanities by exploring the parallels, connections and influences between humans and insects, as well as other multi-legged forms of life.

We explore all the facts, figures and fiction involving insects from one of three platforms: the Practical, the Compelling, and the Sublime.

In the era of digital media, our generation has the opportunity to understand the microcosm of nature at a scale and intimacy never before experienced by another human society.  The I.N.N. will be an epicenter for large portion of that material and the subsequent viewing population. In short, we are launching an entire cultural movement.

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